Social media disaster response essay

While social media is an increasingly vital aspect of crisis communications, it usually does not exist on its own. In addition to its many powerful, desirable characteristics, social media, like traditional communications platforms, also has limitations and disadvantages: Social media advantages for crisis communications P Before a disaster affecting the public strikes, social media provides organizations with a powerful tool for building trust among people who use social media by developing constructive dialogues in social media communities. Emergency managers in particular are thus able to establish their social media presence as a go-to source for authoritative public information during a natural disaster.

Social media disaster response essay

Total price Moreover, the mass media should work successfully, give only true, credible as well as checked information and never make hasty conclusions. The mass media should be not only a resource of information but also an instructor of action before, during and after any natural disasters, as well as a psychologist who can calm and deprive of psychological attack, depression, and stress.

The means of communication take the leading role during all phases of natural disasters becoming the outlet for hard news and satisfying the audience's needs. Indeed, the mass media should be a helper for government and people in cases of natural disasters.

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Moreover, the mass media can educate giving scientific knowledge about catastrophes, warn about dangers, inform, calm and empower people to learn how to protect and give the first aid. We propose to study the project about the role of the mass media in natural disasters.

The purpose of the project is to analyze and present the importance of the means of communication in natural disasters, namely the hurricane Katrina, one of the strongest storms on the coast of the USA.

This project deals with the ways of making decision of the society facing the hurricane and possibilities of the mass media to inform, predict and prevent people from anxiety, panic, and disorder.

This project learns how one can use the information of the mass media with benefit. The cities, which were suffered, damaged and destroyed by the hurricane, are the following: The Actions of the Most Important Communities of the City during the Hurricane Katrina First of all, the role of the most important people and communities of the city in the natural disasters and the help of mass media in solving the most urgent problems concerning the natural disasters should be defined.

The hurricane Katrina has been taken as an example.

Social media disaster response essay

It is obvious that one can offer a lot of the bright examples proving that collaboration communities of any city with the mass media can bring positive results. Mass media can provide public education and fast warnings which could save thousand people's lives during the hurricane Katrina.

Mayor The mayor is the chairman of the city, and it is not only the high position but the responsibility for everything what takes place in the city, no matter positive or negative. The actions during the natural disaster are also in his competence.

As he is in authority, he has to decide whether citizens are supposed to be evacuated or not. His competence is to organize the informing of citizens about the hurricane Katrina, and he could have done this with the help of the mass media: Besides, he should have kept discipline and calm among of people in order to prevent unnecessary fear and panic, which are considered the worst things during the hurricane or any other disaster.

The mayor should be constantly in touch with the mass media and keep an eye on data. However, as we know, during the hurricane Katrina, a lot of mayors as well as citizens were in panic and fear as citizens and did not know what to do.

They released themselves from responsibility for the lives of other people and tried to save their own ones. For example, Ray Nagin, the mayor of New Orleans at the time of the hurricane Katrina, did nothing to help citizens of his city.

He described his feelings and experiences from the hurricane in his book. During the hurricane Katrina, mayors were paranoid; they did not collaborate with the mass media and did not support citizens.

Thus, people suffered not only psychically but materially, morally, and psychologically. We want to emphasize the importance of collaboration of the mayor and mass media. Without any doubts, they should work together and solve the issues of the city.

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There must not be mutual attacks and accusations concerning who is guilty of everything what happened. It is proved that, when people are aware and conscious of danger, they will do what is in their forces to avoid losses and damages. Emergency Management Officers Emergency Management Officers have a lot of duties concerning the natural disasters.

They organize emergency teams for saving people, use modeling and stimulation technology to solve possible disaster situations, conduct training programs for disaster responsible teams, and obtain supplies, protective gears, and equipment.

Indeed, Emergency Management Officers did a lot during that terrible hurricane Katrina.

Social media disaster response essay

They helped to organize the medical aid stations for local people and evacuate them from the dangerous places. One can say that they worked effectively during the hurricane Katrina.

In spite that Emergence Management Officers worked hardly during the natural disaster, it was proved that there were procedural obstacles, administrative failures, as well as the delayed arrivals of needed resources. It means that there were not coordinated works of all services responsible for the saving from natural disasters and collaboration with the mass media.

The main aim of Emergence Management Officers is emergency preparedness that can be achieved by good planning, equipping, and training. Without doubt, the mass media can be a good helper in this. However, it is not understandable why such organizations see the mass media as an obstacle, as somebody who pokes one's nose into strange affairs.Education and parenting articles offer expert tips and information on raising kids.

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Read educational articles, parenting articles, & more. online behaviors in response to social crises. This dissertation extends the traditional literature on post-disaster collective behavior into the context of social web technologies, and develops notions of techno-social collective behavior, human-machine collaborative information .

Social Media as an Important Tool during Disaster Response Essay - In global terms, social media is developing as an important tool during disaster response.

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