Elementary education research paper

Family and Community Services is my concentrated major and it is important that I start with building parent and community involvement with our youth.

Elementary education research paper

Elementary education research paper

Elementary education is the formal grouping of grade levels for pre-kindergarten through 5th grade. Students usually enter Pre-Kindergarten at age 4 and if they remain on track, they enter the 5th grade at age 10 or This early learning period for students is critical in the establishment of early learning habits, a solid foundation of basic skills, and positive attitudes toward lifetime learning.

This article addresses the history of elementary education, offers a general overview of elementary education, and explains the role and training of the elementary teacher. Colonial Elementary education research paper either received their instruction at home or in a small community school and there is hefty documentation of Colonial settlers even attempting to school Native American children Nance, The focus of this early instruction centered on teaching children to read and write; arithmetic was also included.

Most importantly, schooling became a priority of our nation from its birth and has been a national topic ever since. Colonial schools were characterized by strict behavioral standards for the teachers and students. For most students, the church sponsored the education of the family and strongly influenced the values, beliefs and cultural attitudes that the students learned Woytanowitz, Students were required to learn to read, compute mathematics, and demonstrate basic problem-solving through logic and reasoning.

Their instructional supplies were limited, and a library of books was a rarity. Yet, it was believed by government leaders, church leaders, and parents that young children needed to learn to read so schools were an important aspect of colonial life for elementary aged students.

As settlers moved from the east coast to the west, schooling made the trip with them. Schooling was limited by insufficient supplies, the need for children to hunt and farm with their parents, and the short amount of time available for studies.

The first tax-payer funded public school was located in Dedham, Massachusetts, and which launched the concept of publicly funded schools throughout the colonial states.

Many factors such as war, diseases, agriculture seasons, and slavery had enormous impacts on early schools. In addition, there have been a remarkable amount of legal issues related to public education, such as the legal separation of church and state, availability to all students, educating students with disabilities, and how to educate students.

The prominence of legal and governmental involvement in the operations of public schools has been one of the most dramatic influences on public schools since their inception in the early 's. This heightens the need for a challenging curriculum, acceptable scores on national standardized tests, and exceptional teachers to offer invigorating learning opportunities.

Elementary education research paper

Further Insights Curriculum in Elementary Education Since the introduction of elementary schools in America, common threads have been evident regarding what should be included in the curriculum for these early learners. Since the early colonial schools, emphasis has been placed on developing basic reading, writing, and mathematical skills at the elementary level.

Additionally, elementary schools have given a vast amount of attention to the physical needs of young students. According to Kartalearly attempts to address the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development of young students are very important in the child's healthy development.Action Research Project at Salina Elementary School Carol Allie Jabra Elward Seham Mohamed The research indicated that elementary students had a restricted definition of what a plant was.

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Their In his research paper, The Model as a Vehicle for Understanding the Nature and Process of Science. Making my students work independently is a process where I will try to cultivate a culture with the help of the strategies I propose below.

Firstly, I will n. This paper is written to explain how the lecturing technique is harming students and how using the hands-on method would benefit high school students tremendously.

The paper explores how elementary and high school teacher’s methods of teaching differ and how the different methods affect the students. Elementary Education Major Introduction In this paper, I explain what I expect, imagine, and anticipate I will encounter as I continue to train as an elementary.

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