Causes of poverty in pakistan essay

Poverty in Pakistan Poverty in Pakistan Poverty is one of the major social problem Pakistan is facing. It is one of the most important and sensitive issue not only for our self but for the whole world.

Causes of poverty in pakistan essay

Unfortunately, Pakistan is having this problem these days.

Causes of poverty in pakistan essay

Poverty leaves a negative influence on the economy of the country thus affects on the success of the country too. There are a lot of reasons that invoke this problem badly even everyone is contributing in their ways either its government or ordinary people.

Poverty is creating social disorder and increasing crime rate in Pakistan.

Poverty in Pakistan English Essay - Causes, Impacts and Solutions -

It is difficult to point out all the reasons but few of the major facts and figures are mentioned in this English essay. Government is not familiar with the current situation of Pakistan. The government issues another policy to overcome the consequences of previous policy.

Eventually, unemployment and heavy taxes on the people and it become obligatory for them to survive below the poverty line. Corruption and dishonesty is the root cause of poverty.

Causes of poverty in pakistan essay

High authorities took lots of money for illegal and legal jobs. In a meanwhile, the most corrupt people enjoy all the luxurious of life and then the condition of ordinary man became worsen gradually.

Moreover, such taxes and unnecessary costs decrease the saving of ordinary man and tend them to stay away from the basic needs. Inflation also helps in increasing the poverty rate of Pakistan. Nowadays the prices of every product are increasing day by day thereby affordability range of the common people got lessen.

Hence, common people will unable to have the basic needs of life due to the high inflation rate and the people will force to live below the poverty line. Unavailability of jobs and unemployment is also among the leading causes of poverty. In Pakistan, there are almost no job opportunities because the condition of the industrial sector of Pakistan is very poor due to the energy crisis which results in downsizing the industries and in due course international investors prefers to choose other established country for investments.

Current Poverty Rate in Pakistan Essay in English So, when there are no jobs opportunities or other means of earning so how anyone imagines living a healthy or better life. Besides these, there are many other causes too like population explosion, illiteracy, lack of advanced technology, agriculture sector etc.

At present, it is the responsibility of the government to take radical steps to lessen poverty. The government should issue good policies, infrastructure, and incentives for the betterment of Pakistan.


So this is the current scenarios that one will look from recent time. More from my site.Poverty in Pakistan-Challenges Poverty is one of the major social problems Pakistan is facing. It is one of the most important and sensitive issue not only for our self but for the whole world.

Poverty can cause other social problems like theft, bribe, corruption, adultery, lawlessness, injustice. Poverty in Pakistan Causes, Consequences and Remedies: Pakistan is plagued by many social and economic problems since its inception.

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But one problem that beset it is poverty. Poverty is the inability of people to acquire minimum of set living standard of food, clothing and shelter. Poverty in pakistan essay Brosna 07/10/ Critical essay paper poverty and maternal health, pakistan and custom writing service: causes of poverty.

Solow robert m tech and poverty essay format phd research paper to transform their money. To eradicate poverty in Pakistan we have to fight with the causes and factors of poverty.

Unless the causes and factors of poverty will be settled the poverty will never end. Ignorance is one of the important aspect of poverty.5/5(1). Causes of Poverty Although our world is developing at a rapid rate in terms of technology, and many problems of the 20th century have been solved, there still are issues that humanity cannot deal with.

key features of poverty in Pakistan, discusses its main causes, outlines existing programs and initiatives to reduce poverty, and gives a set of strategic options for ADB.

A draft of this report was discussed at a high-level forum by representatives of the.

Essay on Poverty in Pakistan Causes, Impacts and Solutions